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The firm can handle the highly technical litigation in this sector thanks to its excellent knowledge of the automotive industry and the industry's main players.

This type of litigation requires a high degree of attention and a strong sense of diplomacy, as it may involve the big names of the automotive industry set against their sub-contractors. It is therefore important, when the firm acts on behalf of a sub-contractor in conducting the litigation on a specific issue, that a good business relationship is maintained between the subcontractor and its client.

In this sector, the firm's clients are mostly 1 st and 2 nd tier small and medium-sized businesses, which manufacture spare parts or automobile parts.

The firm's clients include Italian, German, British and French businesses with a turnover of between 40 million and 1.6 billion Euros.

The issues may involve, for example, litigation relating to automotive supply agreements, technical incidents and fleet recalls.

Recent litigation work

  • Price negotiations, negotiation of general terms of sale and purchase, negotiations pertaining to the sharing of raw materials costs
  • Litigation: defending a French company against an American company placed under Chapter 11. The French company received payment of the sums owed to it
  • Acting for a packaging company in recovering its moulds from a sub-contractor experiencing financial difficulties
  • Termination of a business relationship in the automobile industry
  • Product defect liability

Real estate litigation

The firm's other specialism, in terms of Litigation, is in the real estate sector. Litigation in this area may include co-ownership disputes, construction litigation and issues pertaining to leases, whether for the lessor or the lessee.

Recent real estate litigation work

  • Rent reviews
  • Wrongful lease termination
  • Valuations

BRI litigation

Numerous disputes may arise from insolvency procedure such as actions for recovery, claims of creditors, reserve title, creditor's filing, purchase assets plan.

Kuntz&Associés handles all litigations linked to insolvency.

Recent insolvency litigation work

  • Opening of secondary procedure under EC regulation 1346/2000
  • preliminary question to the ECJ
  • International actions for recovery
  • Seller's liability
  • Real estate and lease disputes
  • Opening of a safeguard procedure of a French group of companies in automotive industry